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Scaper Snurch

Feeding your Farscape obsession one claim at a time

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Farscape Claiming Community
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Here is where you can claim any aspect of the Farscape universe. This includes characters, episodes, props, places, events etc. You may claim different forms of the same thing. For example all the characters that are in multiple seasons can be claimed once per season. Characters that appear in different forms of themselves (i.e. Harvey changing how he acts, John Quiote, Revenging Angel, etc.) can be claimed separately. The Peacekeeper Wars counts as a separate entity, like the seasons. Substantial costume differences also count separately (i.e. PK Aeryn, PK John, etc.)

Characters: Characters can be claimed by season, substantial costume changes, ages (young), forms, etc.
Events: Specific events that are important in Farscape timeline. Yes you can have fun with this one, thats the point.
Places: certain places. Moya/Talyn hallways count but Moya/Talyn themselves are characters.
Episodes: self explanitory. Any one of the 88 episodes.
Props: specific props such as Winnona, the BFG, etc. or general props such as pulse pistol, drd, etc.
Actors: any of the main cast or major guest stars from any season. If they were only in one episode it doesnt count. They must have been in at least 3 episodes.

1. You may only claim ONCE per month. There may be occasions where I allow up to three.
2. No Sharing, theres plenty to go around.
3. Check the Claims List first. I dont want there to be exess posts for things already claimed.
4. Once you've made a claim and it has been approved I will make a claims certificate. Please put it in you Info and link it back here.
5. Host the image on your own sever. I cannot supply a host for all the claims that will be made. Don't have a host? Try Tiny Pic
6. Be creative. If you can think of something to claim, do it. I doubt Ill turn it down if its a good idea, and hasnt been claimed already.
7. Make suggestions. I dont look down on ideas, and I'd love feedback from other scapers.
8. If you make a banner or icon or other graphic for the comm you are allowed one new claim.
9. If you put your claim in your userinfo you are allowed one more claim per month.
10. If you Pimp this community anywhere else you get one free claim.
11. When Pimping make sure the community allows it.
12. When you've Pimped, post a link to the community where you Pimped and wait for your claim to be authorized.

Councilor Tyno has been claimed by avenuepotter
Harvey has been claimed by phia
Scorpius has been claimed by phia
Season 2 John has been claimed by kazbaby
Season 3 Sad John has been claimed by avenuepotter
Season 4 Aeryn has been claimed by silentrainfall

Aeryn's Prowler has been claimed by morelight
Aeryn's Pulse Rife has been claimed by jagwriter78
John's Neurochip has been claimed by fahrbotdrusilla
Winona has been claimed by fahrbotdrusilla

Dog With Two Bones has been claimed by ixchup



Claudia Black has been claimed by evanescence4el


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Farscape is property of the Jim Henson Co. and Hallmark Entertainment. I in no way own, nor am I affiliated with anything linked to it. This community is simply for fun, and to feed a growing obsession with the greatest SciFi/Drama on television.

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