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Candid Castaway [userpic]
New Month, New Claims, and New Rules
by Candid Castaway (silentrainfall)
at July 28th, 2005 (10:59 am)

Well hello again all! As avenuepotter and fahrbotdrusilla have pointed out its a new month which means one more claim for everyone!

After lurking around a few other claiming communities and checking out the rules, Ive decided to update mine. As of today there will be a few changes that I think you all will like.

Firstly, the month from now on will start on the first of every month instead of the originally planned x-month aniversary of the comm. avenuepotter and fahrbotdrusilla, you guys can keep your claims, but remember that you cannot make another one until the 1st of September.

Second, Im adding a way for people to get extra claims! Woooooo!!! Anywho, if you couldnt tell the graphics for this community are lacking. Ok, they suck. I rushed them out of GIMP and I havent had time to make more. So we are in need of icons and banners and buttons. Anyone who makes a graphic for this community is allow free claims.

Banner/Icon: 1 claim per graphic
Header: 1 claim
Layout: 3 claims

Oh, look, another way to get more claims. PIMPING! If you pimp this community in other communities you get a free claim! The rules:

[x] The community you Pimp in must allow Pimping
[x] You must make a post telling me where you Pimped and provide a link

Another way to pimp would be in your userinfo. If you post the certificate or claim in your userinfo you get one free claim per link.

So PIMP PIMP PIMP!!!! and get to making those graphics so that you can make the Farscape Universe your own.

Happy Claiming!