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Howdy... I came across the group and was wondering if it's still semi-active (as the last post was 2005)...

I just got into Farscape, and I absolutely LOVE it... Anyway...

...mischief managed...
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Journal-name update...

I'm going to be moving to a different journal, phia, so whenever my claim (Scorpius) gets listed, could it be attributed to that journal, please? Thanks!

Also, I'm not sure how this works - do we get to have a new snurch each month? Because if we do... I must also snurch Harvey... ^_^'

EDIT 11/10/05 - I changed the journal-name of phia to tesyeuxnoirs but I chose not to maintain the link. It's the same journal and the same person - just a new name.

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I just stumbled across this community; pure luck. I hope you're still semi-active here, because I must claim Scorpius as my own. Just in general. *Huggles Scorpius*